"The secret of business
is to know something that
nobody else knows"
Arystoteles Onasis "If there is a way
to do it better…
find it!"
Thomas A. Edison "The best way
to predict the future
is to create it"
Peter Drucker
"The secret of business
is to know something that
nobody else knows"
Arystoteles Onasis "If there is a way
to do it better…
find it!"
Thomas A. Edison "The best way
to predict the future
is to create it"
Peter Drucker

Passion, perfection, protection


  • 2001

    Pestila was founded in 2001, but its beginnings in the agrochemical industry date back to 1992. Today, Pestila is a modern and innovative company with technologically advanced production facilities, new warehousing and professional analytical laboratory GLP.

  • 2003

    We specialize in formulation of modern pesticides, professional analytical services and packaging of plant protection products. We registered our first insecticide in 2003.

  • 2013

    Our products have quickly won the trust among farmers and fruit producers, which contributed to the further development of the company. In 2013, we launched a modern analytical laboratory, which received the ertificate of good laboratory practice (GLP) in 2015.
    Status GLP confirms that the competence of the laboratory personnel, research methods and equipment meet the most stringent quality control in the area of chemicals testing. In 2014, we obtained ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates, which confirm the high quality of service and compliance with all international standards for the protection of the environment.

  • 2016

    In 2016 we modernized and increased the productivity of our facilities by adding the most modern processing lines for the formulation and packaging of plant protection products.

  • 2017

    In 2017, we have completed a number of investments that have a direct impact on the quality of our products and services. The most important of them and at the same time being the biggest challenge was the construction of a production and storage hall with an area of 2,600 m2.
    We have also expanded the label production line with a new GM brand machine with a laser punch, thanks to which we have significantly shortened the production time of labels with an individual design.

    The completion of new investments will allow us to maintain a strong position on the market of the producer and packer of plant protection products.

Modern facilities

The company has two modern production lines dedicated to solvent formulation SL, EC, suspension formulation SC, FS, IP and special packaging line which allows to prepare packs in any shape and size. Thanks to that we can create unique packaging solutions that meet the individual requirements and expectations of customers.

Suspension formulation line has been designed for our individual order. New system uses advanced and innovative technologies and has been put into use in 2016. The line is fully automated and controlled with the software and touch LCD panel. Loadings of raw materials are implemented with the help of automatic weights.
The production process is controlled by computer. This allows to prepare products with reproducible quality parameters, which strictly comply with certain specifications.

To meet the best production standards and the highest demands of our customers, the production system is equipped with modern dissolver cooperating with the specialized flow mill. Thanks to that the solid used in the formulation is rapidly wetted and the final product is effectively premilled. Advanced pearl mills, which come from the leading Swiss company, guarantee that suspensions have required fragmentation. This allows to work with a very high efficiency and comply with the highest global standards of production in the agrochemical industry.

The entire processing line is encapsulated, so harmful dusts and fumes have not released to the environment, what increases the comfort of work and protects the environment. Solution for washing and cleaning of each component was developed individually for Pestila. It guarantees that the next product formulated at the same machines will be free from cross-contamination.

With modern, precocious and technologically advanced production lines, we can implement large and sophisticated projects, formulate products with complex recipes and pack them in any package without causing the risk of release of any harmful substances into the environment.

In Pestila we put emphasis on the quality control. Our chemists and analysts examine physicochemical properties of substances and preparations, specify the content of the active ingredient and carry out a number of other analyzes required during the registration process plant protection products. GLP Certificate guarantees the international acceptance of test results.

Foreign markets

We operate in 11 European countries,
in Poland and in the other Central
and Eastern Europe markets,
continuously expanding range of our activities.

ISO 9001 confirms

  • ensuring consistent performance and high level of services,
  • meeting the needs and requirements of customers,
  • continuous improvement of internal business processes,
  • orientation towards mutual benefits in relations with customers and suppliers.

ISO 14001 confirms

  • acting in accordance with international environmental standards,
  • supporting environmental protection and pollution prevention,
  • reducing energy consumption,
  • reducing waste production.


The core of our business are:

  • registration,
  • analytical laboratory,
  • formulation,
  • packaging.

We offer professional and specialist support in preparing tailored formulas of plant protection products and packaging solutions.
Products branded with Pestila logo are well suit for needs of customers and meet the highest quality standards. Our strengths are qualified personnel and professional and efficient services.

Production capacity

Packaging capacity

Registration data


PESTILA II Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością, Spółka komandytowa 
Studzianki 24a, 97-320 Wolbórz, Poland,

KRS No. 0000594773 
entered into the entrepreneurs registry of the National Court Register maintained by the District Court for  Łodzi- Śródmieścia w Łodzi XX Wydział Krajowego Rejestru Sądowego,

Tax Identification Number (NIP)  7712527090