Afrodyta 250 sc is a fungicide, a concentrated suspension used for dilution with water. It has deep and systematic performance used for preventive and protective purposes in dealing with fungal disease.

The agent is intended for use with self-propelled or tractor-mounted field and orchard sprayers


The content of active substance:

azoxystrobin (a compound from the strobilurin group)  – 250 g/l (23,23%)

Type of crops:

Winter wheat

Time of application:

use the product in spring, preventively or immediately after observing the first signs of the disease, from first node phase  to the flag leaf phase (flag leaf fully developed, a visible ligule of the last leaf) (BBCH 31-39).


winter wheat:
0,8-1,0 l/ha

Controlled pests:

winter wheat:

powdery mildew of cereals and grasses, septoria leaf blotch of wheat, wheat tan spot