of chemicals

We provide assistance in fulfilling all the obligations arising from the binding provisions of law on introducing products to the European market. We assume all of the duties connected with both the registration of new preparations and the transfer of the already obtained market authorisations. Our experts have longstanding experience in registering plant protection products, as well as in their correct labelling and classification. Our customers can also avail themselves of a wide selection of registration studies and data packages for leading biocidal and plant protection products.


of plant protection products, fertilizers and adjuvants

The technologically advanced formulation and production, meeting the most stringent standards, is possible thanks to our modern production facility.

We offer formulation of plant protection products and the other agrochemicals strictly suited to your individual needs. Products meet the most rigorous quality standards.

Certificates Q and Guaranteed Quality confirm that our products have a superior usability, high quality and better chemical indicators. You are guaranteed that reproducibility is maintained through all manufacturing process, so you always receive the highest quality products.


our products

We provide a wide range of packaging services of plant protection products and the other agrochemicals. Many years of experience in this field allow us to meet many requirements and expectations of our Clients. We have modern packaging lines, which are able to meet even the most demanding requirements in the area of packaging. We offer comprehensive services in the packaging of liquid, granular and powder products both for retail packaging and bulk packaging products.

Analytical laboratory

In addition, Pestila GLP Laboratory provides services in the field of advanced analytics of plant protection products, including:

  • testing of physicochemical and chemical properties of plant protection products,
  • development and validation of analytical methods,
  • testing of the combined use of agrochemicals (tank-mix),
  • testing of residues of the active substance on the sprayers.


Pestila laboratory has the most modern equipment, which allows to conduct very precise laboratory analysis. The tests are carried out in accordance with CIPAC (Collaborative International Pesticides Analytical Council), OECD (Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) and with the other standards and methodologies compatible with the requirements of the European Union. Pestila laboratory holds the prestigious certificate of Good Laboratory Practice (LP), which confirms the highest level of team competency and research.


Pestila GLP Laboratory specializes in preparing stable and durable recipes’ of modern plant protection products, which meet even the most challenging costumers requirements, especially formulation:

  • SL – Soluble Liquid Concentrate,
  • SC – Suspension Concentrate,
  • OD – Oil Dispertion,
  • EC – Emulsifiable Concentrate,
  • EW – Emulsion, oil in Water,
  • FS – Flowable Suspension Concentrate for Seed treatment.

We create up-to-the-minute formulations, to use in the best way the biological effects of active ingredient to maximum use and simultaneously reduce the negative impact on the consumer, the operator and the environment.

Contract manufacturing

Customization for customer specific needs is one of the most important rules of our services. We are ready to adapt all customer requirements at every stage of implementation, but the key word is CONTRACT MANUFACTURING. We know how to support the agricultural and horticultural industries.

We have a basic offer of plant protection products, but we understand that particular expectations and needs can be different. Plant protection products created by Pestila, thanks to our own laboratory, can have a unique content of active ingredients and verified performance.



You may order the necessary product in Pestila. We take care of everything from A to Z to control more effectively weeds and pests. We develop dedicated blends. We test them in our laboratory and support you in the registration process. We can also take responsibility for launching the product, including obtaining required approvals, packaging and branding.