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Specialists in chemistry

Pestila Sp. z o.o. is a family company which offers high-quality specialist services and advice connected with the production and registration of agrochemical products across Europe. We offer professional and specialist support in preparing tailored formulas and co-packing solutions which meet the most stringent quality standards. Our greatest strength is our capacity to provide professional and effective services coordinated by experienced managers, and it is the satisfaction of our customers that fuels our further dynamic development.

Pestila has been a dynamic business entity since 2001. Throughout its activity, it has grown from a small enterprise to a reliable company with modern production facilities. We have been accruing vast experience in agrochemistry since 1992 – the year in which the first distribution company belonging to our group was established. We achieved success in the sector of plant protection products as early as in 2003, upon registering the first insecticide. Our preparations have quickly won the trust of agrarians and fruit producers, which contributed to our rapid development. Nowadays, Pestila operates in many European countries and, thanks to the support of our customers, strives to become the industry leader.

Our main goal is to ensure highest customer satisfaction from mutual cooperation. Pestila’s ambition is to employ modern production technologies in order to become the most frequently selected provider of formulation and packaging solutions.

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18 Jan

Fair – TSW 2022

Thank you for visiting thePestila stand during the TSW Fruit and Vegetable Industry Fair 2022. Thank you for all the good words we heard and comments...